Frozen Roads

For many of us winter generally includes a few chilly mornings sprinkled throughout the season. Our biggest hassles come when we can’t figure out what clothing will keep us both warm and cool as the afternoon sun warms the air. This winter has been remarkable for most.

Houston recorded its second earliest snowfall ever on December 7th 2017. Cold air would return for the New Year, with consecutive nights of hard freezes causing concern for many home and business owners still repairing property in the wake of Harvey.

Preparing For Ice

When you live in an area that hasn’t seen wintry precipitation in almost eight years, it’s normal to worry about freezing. Competitive Choice is always ready for the weather with multiple deicing options from solid pellets to liquid formulas. The goal for all products is the same, yet they both have different methods and uses.

Solid or Liquid?

Solid deicers have been trusted for a while. Often used by municipalities to pretreat roads before a storm, it’s relatively cost effective while being easy to store for when needed. Solid pellets tend to last longer since they dilute slower resulting in better retention and saving you money.

Solid deicers have some disadvantages that should be considered. Using solid deicers before a storm is not recommended since the solids can be bounced off of dry surfaces. Moisture is required to activate the solution, possibly slowing the melting process.

Liquid deicers are growing in popularity due to ease of use and flexibility. A major advantage is the ability to pretreat surfaces easily without worrying about the formula bouncing off. In many cases the liquid residue will work for longer periods of time, often days after application.

Cons to liquids are higher transportation and storage costs due to the mass of the product. They’re also not very effective on accumulated ice and snow. For liquids to be effective, they generally need a higher surface temperature.


The most important thing for you is maintaining a safe environment for your business. Both types of deicing are effective and have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing to remember, some treatment is better than none.

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