Month: March 2018

History of Cool

We take the cool comfortable breeze of cool air when you walk into your local supermarket for granted. Bundling up under heavy blankets as the temperature reaches triple digits outside. Heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) is one of mankind’s top achievements. Many different components work to pull humidity out of the air, naturally chilling it. It’s a technological marvel that changed the way the world lives.

The first air conditioning unit was designed to remove humidity in a New York City publishing company. The unit that Willis Carrier installed worked well; it also kept the room cool. Employees began eating lunch indoors. They claimed that it was more comfortable than eating outside. Carrier would become a household name in modern HVAC systems.

Impact on Life

American pop culture was changed. Cinemas were the first adopters of this new technology. They were perfect since the units were massive and required a lot of space. Citizens flocked to the theatre to get a break from the heat of summer; the “summer blockbuster” was born. States like Florida, Texas and Arizona saw an unprecedented population boom, shifting the demographics of America. Cheaper land became more desirable since technology was available to keep homes cool.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Air conditioners don’t last forever. All of the moving parts are bound to need maintenance. Consumers are able do most visual checks themselves potentially saving hundreds. One of the most simple maintenance checks is viewing the coils and ensuring that they are not blocked by debris. AC coils work like an exhaust system, pushing hot air out of a cooled area.